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Our Story




Hello and welcome to our shop.  We are so delighted that you are here. This is a small family-run business based In Northern Ireland. 

My name is Rashida, the founder of Rashida and Noah Designs.  I am married to my best friend Ivan and I am a mother to four incredibly kind, beautiful and amazing little souls; Isaac, Arabella, Violet and Noah.  I am a multi-award-winning childhood photographer with a life-long passion for art, design & creativity.

The creation of this clothing label has been an endeavour over a year in the making. However, it has been in my heart for many years previous.  As a mother of four I understand too well the importance of versatile, timeless and quality pieces that can be re-used and passed down between siblings. 

Many times we have been asked why it is called "Rashida and Noah".  The answer involves a personal story.  However, In short it involves a traumatic birth, which even now many months later is still very difficult to speak about.  Noah himself became unwell a few months later and developed sepsis.  He is doing great now thankfully.

Pandemic aside, 2020 was an extremely difficult year for us - we strongly believe that, if we can survive that, together we can achieve anything.    


      Our Logo                              

The Robin was chosen as a symbol of hope, love, guidance and friendship.  We hope that the Rashida and Noah Robin will have many magical adventures with the children wearing these clothes.  


Our Philosophy

The ethos behind this brand is to create quality pieces, that are magical, timeless, and nostalgic.  We want to celebrate the innocence of childhood, to encourage play, comfort, & imagination.  This is not a fast or throw away fashion brand.  These are garments that we encourage our customers to re-love, re-use and hand down between siblings. 

The collection is inspired by nature, it is classical, gentle, ethical and created with a vision to keep the magic of childhood alive.  They have been designed by me. I have given careful consideration to every fabric, colour, button and trim.   The garments have been made in extremely small quantities, using the finest fabrics and great care has been taken to ensure the wastage of fabric is kept at a minimum.  

Our Factories

We have put a lot of thought, consideration and research into the manufacturing of this clothing.  It is of upmost importance that our manufacturers adhere to the standards set within the Ethical Trading Standards (ETI) code. We can confirm that the small factories we have chosen are ethically audited annually, workers are paid a fair wage, employees are cared for, employment is chosen freely, working conditions are safe & hygienic and hours of work are fair. This is indeed a label that has been produced fairly and a label that we are extremely proud of.

We have poured our hearts and souls into creating this little business.  Our hope is that you will love these creations, treat them as heirlooms & pass them on for generations within your family.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting this little dream. 


Rashida xxx